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North American Fur

North American Fur is an APA/zine: that is, it is an APA that also sells to the public to cover copying and mailing so that members don't have to bear those costs. It was founded in 1997 by Paul Groulx, former editor of Furthest North Crew, and he published the first three issues. When Ed Zolna closed down Mailbox Books in the spring of 1999, NAF almost folded because that was the major market. Luckily, we at Jarlidium (who also happen to be charter members of NAF) were able to step in and continue the title. NAF is still going strong nearly 20 years later.

NAF is published twice a year. The summer issue comes out in time for Anthrocon, and the winter issue is out in time for Further Confusion. These days, it is published as an 6" by 9" perfect-bound paperback book with a wraparound cover and color interior.

NAF is never reprinted.

Despite the title, NAF is not restricted to just North American members; we are pleased to have members from both hemispheres and three continents.

All issues are MATURE READERS.