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Red Skies (The Chinese Curse book 1)

Red Skies (The Chinese Curse book 1)


The year is 2093 and the Greater United States has troubles. Climate change has happened, and wars and political upheavals. Prosperity is precarious and security is scarce, even as technology produces biological miracles like regeneration treatments - for those who can afford them - and Uplifts.

Most Humans have it hard, but Uplifts have it harder. Carl Siam is a detective on the Los Angeles Monad police force, but he can't keep a partner and it's a good day when he's called "kittycat" instead of "abomination." Even so, he's one of the lucky ones.

This situation can't last. Something's got to change. Unrest is in the air in the host summer, and an Uplift detective is the perfect pawn to help investigate, regardless of where his sympathies may actually lie...


A new novel by G. S. Cole and N. C. Shapero, this is the first book of the Chinese Curse series. Cover art by Christina Hanson. Trade paperback, 300 pages.

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